Are Dating Apps Safe In 2019?: A Deeper Look

Dating has changed quite a lot over the years. And no longer do you need to scrape together the guts to walk across the room towards a complete stranger, only to get shot down. Online dating allows more discreet interactions with people looking for the same thing, namely a romantic relationship. But this convenient way of getting to know more people is not perfect. There are individuals that exploit these platforms, which creates somewhat of a safety risk.

Are Dating Apps Safe In 2019?

When it comes down to it, dating apps aren’t really safer than those in past years. Why? Because everything depends on the user and the information they are willing to provide. Even big corporations like Sony can fall victim to security breaches, and those looking for victims through dating apps will always find new ways to make the connection.

So, as unfortunate as it sounds, dating apps in 2019 aren’t necessarily safer. Sure, better online security might be applied. But it doesn’t stop a potential attacker from using the platform like everyone else.

Maintain Your Safety

Given that many people manage to find love online these days, you should be in a position to do the same. Although, it doesn’t mean you should compromise your safety. Hence the reason for the following tips.

– Never Meet Alone

It doesn’t matter if the person sounds perfect online, never let the first few meetings be in a secluded place. Instead, arrange for public settings where you can easily get support or help if necessary.

– Never Provide Personal Information

At no point should you provide sensitive information about where you work and live. And neither should you attempt to meet at the home of the persona you met online. Only after going on a few dates should you consider trusting the person with personal info.

– Let People Know Where You Are

Before you go on the date, let your friends and family know where you’ll be. Also, provide them with a time that you should be back. It might even be a good idea to let a friend drop you off and meet the person too. And if the online date doesn’t like exposure, they probably have something to hide.

Dating apps are not dangerous. It comes down to the people who use the platforms. If you take the right measures to protect your personal information, you can have a very safe dating experience.